D&T Photonics

Innovation to photonics

Within a two-stage development process for planar lightwave circuit (PLC) products, D&T has two types of SSA/OMS and VOA products aimed at two different application environments with different requirements for switches. The first type has reached the prototype stage and features ms-scale speed, medium integration scale, anti-vibration, thermo-optic (TO) modulation and low-cost on Silica-based PLC platform. The second type features ns-scale speed, ultra-large integration scale, anti-vibration, EO modulation and much lower cost on silicon PIC platform.

Currently existing products (or prototypes) based on initial silica-PLC technology include:


2x2 small switch array (SSA)

Nx4 (N=1,2,4) optical matrix switch (OMS)

Nx8 (N=1,2,4,8) optical matrix switch (OMS)

Variable optical attenuator array (VOA-array)